Due to some of the physiological changes of pregnancy, is common for women’s resting heart rate to be about 10 to 15 bpm faster while pregnant. Pregnant women are also more likely to have bigger increases in their heart rate with exertion since they or doing more work while pregnant. This increased work starts even in the first trimester, as pregnant women have a blood volume of expansion of over 40%; but it doesn’t stop there, as pregnant women also do more actual work, moving around another 35 pounds or more.

Is the uterus gets larger, the heart is actually pushed upwards and rotated to the left; this changing position of the heart allows women to become more aware of their heart beating and sometimes this is alarming because we don’t normally perceive that our heart is beating in our┬áchest. Couple this with the fact that the heart may be beating faster than normal, then this can be quite anxiety provoking. But as long as your heart rate isn’t too fast it rest and you don’t notice that it is irregular, don’t worry too much. If you feel like that you’re heart rhythm is irregular for your heart rate is staying persistently very fast, talk to your doctor.