Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is no one’s idea of a good time. The good news is, nausea and vomiting is not associated with risk to the pregnancy; the bad news is, you aren’t nauseated and throwing up.

What can you do?

  • Eating several small meals per day and avoiding high fat foods may help.
  • Emphasize bland foods and avoid smells that are noxious.
  • Increasing protein and liquid content of your food maybe beneficial.
  • Ginger ale, ginger teas, or ginger capsules may be helpful.
  • Taking a vitamin B6 supplement 2 to 3 times per day alone or in combination with doxylamine at night may be beneficial.
  • Your doctor may need to prescribe you an anti-nausea medicine. There are several drugs that are safe in pregnancy to choose from.
  • Make sure that your acid reflux and constipation are treated as well; both can contribute to the problem.
  • In bad cases, you may need to be hospitalized for IV fluids and other treatments.

Hopefully, you should feel better by the end of the first trimester. If you don’t, or if the above remedies are not working, your doctor may need to investigate other causes of your nausea and vomiting apart from pregnancy. Typically, you shouldn’t be concerned as long as you can maintain your bodyweight or even lose a few pounds during the first trimester and as long as you can stay hydrated.