In most cases, the answer is no.

There is a whole industry that markets supplements in other products to pregnant women. Even among prenatal vitamins, from most women the only ingredient that is actually required is folate, and that folate is only necessary until the baby’s neural tube is closed, which happens early in the first trimester. The truth is, prenatal vitamins are best taken ended 2 to 3 minutes before pregnancy and provide little to no benefit past the first half of the first trimester. In fact, if you are beyond six weeks and prenatal vitamins are making you nauseous for constipated, there’s no reason for you to not┬ástop them.

Aside from the folate in a┬áprenatal vitamin, the other ingredients often found in these vitamins are not science based. Don’t get caught up on buying the most expensive prenatal vitamin because the company says it will make your child smarter or reduce the risks of pregnancy; this simply is not true.

In some cases, due to restrictive diets or pre-existing anemia or other risk factors, your doctor might ask you to take an additional supplement or medication.